Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My new most embarrassing moment


I drove to Curves this morning, determined to get back in the exercise routine now that Cindy Lynn & Mahon have (sadly) gone back home.  I was kind of upset as I drove because I was thinking about how badly I’d played the piano for the opening hymn last night at Relief Society.  I’m a believer in singing most hymns briskly, but I realized about halfway through that I was going so fast in my nervousness that most of the people probably couldn’t sing.  I was pretty embarrassed.

When I got there a huge semi was blocking the area where I normally park, so I decided to park in another part of the parking lot.  I also decided that I would back in, which is easier in this other part because it’s facing a bunch of storefronts so I could see the van in the glass.  I pulled back carefully, stopping abruptly when my wheels hit the curb at the back of the parking spot.  (A little sooner than I expected them too.) I put on my parking brake, turned off my lights, and went into curves without a backwards glance.

And that was very obvious when I came out of curves a little while later and this is what I saw.



Yep, you are seeing what you think you are seeing.  That is my van, parked right out in the middle of the parking lot, NOT IN A PARKING SPACE!

At first I thought I hadn’t put it in park and hadn’t set the parking break and it had rolled forward out of the space, but as I walked closer I realized what had actually happened.  Remember when I said that I stopped because my wheels hit the curb at the back of the parking space?

Obviously I misinterpreted my location when that happened, and what I’d just hit was the median on the side of the parking spaces, and not the back of the space.

As soon as I figured out what had happened I pulled out the purse cam.  (Thank goodness for the purse cam—how else would I document the insane moments of my life??) 

And just to make my day extra special, no sooner had I buckled myself into the van than a nice young police officer came up to the window to tell me that someone had called 911 because there was a car sitting in the middle of the parking lot.  I was still laughing pretty hard and explained what had happened, and he decided much to my relief that I didn’t need a breathalyzer test and sent me on my way, admonishing me to park correctly next time.


Not feeling nearly so bad about that piano thing anymore…


PS—My day just keeps being awesome, so I thought I’d add a little more.  I went over to the elementary school at lunch to play for the 4th grade choir.  Now that we’ve finished Christmas it was all new music and I was excited to find that I could almost sight-read the two pieces the 4th graders will be singing.  I was feeling pretty good about myself as I walked into the office to return my visitor’s badge.  The receptionist looked at me and said, “Oh good, there you are, I was just leaving a message on your phone.”  Really?  Why would the school need to talk to me?  She continued, “When you registered your kids we forgot to get their immunization records.  So we need those, and they need to be current with the required immunizations in Oregon, and there’s a February 16th time limit on getting that information.”

Cool.  So I have a month to get this taken care of, or then they’re going to kick my homeschooled kids out of public school.  Winking smile


  1. Okay, so there are several times that I smile broadly when I'm reading something funny on the internet, and even a few times where I chuckle to myself... but I rarely actually belly-laugh. This got a belly-laugh from me and I even had to run and show Brian the picture and explain the story to him. He laughed, too.

    Hilarious... and just what I needed! So glad you had the purse cam - wouldn't have been nearly so funny without the picture of an almost empty parking lot with your van sitting right in the middle of the road. :)

    Still laughing...

  2. PS - now all three of my kids are huddled around the screen, offering fake laughs because they really don't get it but know that it must be funny because Mama can't stop laughing.

  3. They say a picture is worth, what, a zillion words? That picture was awesome! I love the explanation too though - obviously the frazzled mind was elsewhere, you were parked next to the curb. Oh man. Thanks for the laugh. John did not seem to think it was as funny as I did but I am SOOOO glad you had your purse cam! That was awesome!

  4. Made me laugh! Life is so goofy just gotta take a pic and have a good laugh!