Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 3: Hanging with Katie & Heading South


Today’s travel: 303 miles                                                               Total travel: 751 miles


On Tuesday I slept nice & late (it felt so good!) and then spent the morning with Katie and her adorable baby Ellie. 


Katie and I were visiting teaching companions for the 5 years that she lived in Durham and I have missed our visits together since she’s been gone.  We talked and talked all morning.  First while we walked down to the nearby railroad tracks with the kids to put pennies on the tracks.  It was very interesting to see that each penny was smashed differently, and now the girls want to find another train track to smash some more pennies to make jewelry.  Then we dropped the kids back at Katie’s house and she took me for a longer walk to see some beautiful old houses in her neighborhood and to walk through a gorgeous wooded park nearby. 


We had such a terrific visit that I lost all track of time and was shocked to realize that it was after 2pm when we finished lunch!  I laid down and took a 30 minute nap so that I’d be good to drive, and then we packed up everything and started on the next leg of our journey.  (But not before getting a call a few minutes after leaving that I’d left my tennis shoes and having to go back for them!)

One of the things that we enjoyed about our time in Atlanta was that we spent a good amount of time driving through the downtown.  I think that the skyscrapers are all so interesting to look at.




When we left Atlanta we drove & drove for 7 hours, stopping for dinner at Hardees and then later at a Walmart for some quick shopping.  We arrived at the beach exhausted and fell straight into bed!


  1. Hey, if I can figure out when the trains run around here, they can smash coins when they visit me!

  2. We had the BEST time- and instead of saying come back soon, I'll just say, see you soon on the west coast:).