Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where I’ll be Shopping

I saw a new store in Bountiful last week.  I know if I lived there that’s where I’d be shopping.

I mean, it’s obvious that they had me in mind when they named the store! 

Utah August 2010 027 


ps…I do not have the faintest idea what they sell.  But it must be awesome!!!


  1. How could you not have gone in!? That is too funny...

  2. Random! My first thought was that they sell clothes for women with large hips that are humble enough to wear terrible looking clothing. I wouldn't have gone in, either. :)


    Looks like there is a 'Hip and Humble Home' store too!

  4. Hip replacements. It is a dr store where you can pick out the type of hip replacement you want. Right?

  5. Just laughing at Russ's comments -- he's a funny guy. And after you walk away with your hip replacements, you feel humbled to walk again? Is that it Russ?