Wednesday, September 22, 2010


September 2010 749 

My dear Gerber friends,

It appears that my little rant this summer about your lack of performance might have been a little premature.

Perhaps you just needed more time to grow.

Or maybe the hot summer is not your finest season.

Whatever the reason, your blooms right now exceed all of my expectations. 

September 2010 743

Your flowers brighten my deck

September 2010 674 

and give me plenty to photograph.

September 2010 856

I was not expecting this bounty of blooms, and I am delighted.

September 2010 452 

Even the cat is a fan!

September 2010 871

Please except my humblest apology for my earlier attitude, and just ignore me while I take a few zillion pictures.

Because you are so beautiful.

September 2010 865 September 2010 835 September 2010 827 

And next summer I’ll be a little more patient.  Because I’ll remember the beauty that is coming after the heat is over…

September 2010 888


  1. Very pretty!! What was the setup you used to get the black background?

  2. They're gorgeous, Cindy! Everything is bone dry here. Man, you make me miss NC.

  3. Kerri--thanks! I think I've finally figured out what makes the dark background--it's always been an accidental sort of thing. I think that when the sunlight is right on the flower, and it is so bright, and you're focused in tight on it, it sort of darkens the background. At least that's my theory at this point!