Thursday, September 9, 2010

Breakfast While We’re In Bed

August 2010 034

Of all of the flowers I planted this year, the impatiens have performed the best.  Never mind that they started the smallest; this appears not to matter.  In almost every situation they have grown enormously and brought beautiful color to our yard.

August 2010 033

They didn’t even seem to notice or mind that they were planted to fill in under a more important plant (the non-flowering mandevillas in both of these pictures!) or in old pots or even an old plastic box.  They just grew and grew and grew.

Every now and then when they hadn’t been watered enough they wilted in the hot sun, but as soon as the sun went behind the tree they perked right up again.

The impatiens have been star performers.

Which was why I was a little surprised to walk out the other day and see the impatiens in 3 pots at the end of the driveway looking like this.

September 2010 174

I could not figure out what had happened.  Did some bug come through and kill off all of the flowers?  I was so perplexed, and so sad.

Then Ken suggested that maybe the deer had been snacking on our impatiens.

How dare they?!?

We have had a deer free yard for 9 years now.  I think we had them fooled, because for most of those 9 years we’ve also had a plant free yard.

They’ve obviously caught on to the fact that the situation is now different.

September 2010 176

And every morning, they’re having breakfast while we’re in bed!


  1. Uh oh. I bet there is going to be a deer picture on your blog in the near future. I can see you waiting with camera in hand for them to come back. :)

  2. Oh no! They've been snarfing off of my apple tree as well... *sigh* What is there to do?

  3. That was happening to my flowers too! Glad to know that impatiens grow well- I want to plant something in our yard here and I need a plant that is a "self-starter" if you know what I mean:).