Monday, September 6, 2010

Fun & Games

At the beach Cindy Lynn and Mahon hung out more with the teens and adults than with the little kids.

EI 2010 day 5 557 (Here we are playing Signs, one of our favorite games. Please notice the air mattress blocking the window to prevent inadvertent cheating!)

Cindy Lynn wanted to make sure that she also got in plenty of quality time with the triplets, so first she and Mahon took the girls to the aquarium on the day we left the beach.

EI 2010 day 7 031

Then once we were home she spent as much time as possible playing games with the little kids.  The favorite game this year was definitely Monopoly Deal.

EI 2010 day 7 070 

It was quite entertaining to listen to the conversation while I worked around the house.  Here were some of my favorite comments.  (I just realized—all of these comments were from Jared.  But he was pretty funny!)

 EI 2010 day 7 079 (Rachel & Jared had to pause the game for a minute to share a left-over ear of corn.)

EI 2010 day 7 078

Jared:  “It’s gonna take this noggin a few minutes to figure it out…”


Jared: “Cindy Lynn, you’re evil.”
Cindy Lynn: ”That’s me, Cindy Lynn pure evil Ray.”


and then from a game the other day:

Jared:  This is a lot of money.  I sure wish I had this much money…if I had this much money…I would retire!

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