Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Penny Stupid

Money is such an interesting thing.  I try to be pretty frugal, but sometimes downright cheapness jumps out in unexpected places.

Cindy Lynn, Jason, and I flew to Utah last week on Southwest.  It was a good thing we were flying Southwest because Jason had his own big suitcase and two more boxes.  I had a big suitcase that had some of Jason's stuff, some of Cindy Lynn's, and a bunch of clothes for my nephews.  Cindy Lynn, as always, had her vest (for chest physical therapy) suitcase.  Between the three of us we checked 6 things, and carried on all we could as well.

Russ’s dad is so sweet.  He was picking us up at the airport (which he does without complaining) and told me that he would park and come in to meet us because he figured we’d have a lot of luggage.

As we were waiting at the baggage claim I decided that we might need a luggage cart, and I went off to get one.

Utah August 2010 022

I walked around the carts to pay, and as I pulled out my credit card I looked at the info on the front.

Utah August 2010 021

“Four dollars?” 

“This cart is going to cost me four dollars?!?”

I stood there wrestling with the idea.  What a waste of my four dollars!

The practical side of my brain finally took over and made me swipe my card and grab the luggage cart.

The stupid frugal side of my brain fussed all the way back to the baggage claim.

Where the cart was greeted by Guy, Jason, and Cindy Lynn with much rejoicing…

Utah August 2010 024  
My dilemma reminds me of the old adage,

Penny Wise, Pound Foolish.

Except that I was just being 
Penny Foolish

Have you ever found yourself in a similar (irrational) quandary over such a small amount of money?


  1. Yes! All of the time! I cannot even go clothing shopping for myself any more without feeling like I could make it better, more able to fit, and in a fabric I actually love. And yet, time to sew is scarce.

  2. And I would have walked around and maybe into the parking lot to find one that someone had not returned...... :) Then probably came back and paid the $4.

  3. I do that all the time, too. I can't handle buying something at regular price when I know if I could just wait for a week or two it would be on sale or have a coupon. But I probably waste more money in gas going to different stores over the course of a week. =P I'm glad you went for the cart; it sure looked like you could use it! Consider it a bargain -- $4 to avoid a backache is really a great deal!