Saturday, August 7, 2010

Josh B’Gosh

When I said that birthday season had started at the Ray house, I was not kidding.

Today we are celebrating Josh’s 15th birthday!

(In case you’ve lost count, we celebrated one birthday in July, this is our fourth birthday this week, and we have only one to go.)

Josh was our first child born in North Carolina.

He was our only child who slept in a laundry basket.

josh new

Actually, that’s not exactly true.  If he had slept, he would have slept in a laundry basket.  But he wouldn’t sleep for the first couple of days, thus sparing himself untold future humiliation, I’m sure.

josh 1

Josh also has the distinction of being born the fastest, entering this world a mere 42 minutes after we arrived at the hospital. 

josh 3

We were living in an apartment when Josh was born, and we moved into our first house in NC 48 hours later.  At that point we moved him from the laundry basket to the crib…

josh 4

I used to tell people that Josh had personality plus.  He truly was so full of personality he almost sparkled. 


Josh never met a toy he was interested in playing with, so I was very happy when he discovered scotch tape.  He played with tape for years, and made all sorts of amazing things.

jwrn1013_3 April 027 

october (4)

October 2004 135


October 2006 010

Dec 2007 005

3 Twin Falls (1)

Josh is so much like I am.  Sometimes it drives me crazy, and then when I figure out it’s because he’s like me it makes me laugh.  But he’s also like me in good ways, like his excellent sense of humor.

December 2008 025

Of all of my kids, I am probably most intrigued to see what Josh ends up doing with his life.  He says he’s going to be rich.  I’m just wondering if he’ll end up working with scotch tape.


Happy 15th Birthday Josh!!!

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  1. So you say he almost sparkles, does that make him an almost vampire?