Friday, August 27, 2010

More Family Pics

I loved it when one of my cousins recently posted pictures of her nieces and nephews on her blog.  I rarely see her siblings and their kids, and it was a treat for me to see all of her pictures.

So—just in case some of you have been wanting to see my lovely siblings or their families, here you go.  All three of my sisters and two of my brothers (out of six) were at our reunion.  Here they are in gestational order.

First, obviously, there was me.  And yesterday you saw many, many, MANY pictures of me and mine.  So I’ll skip any more of those today.

Next comes my sister; the one that I spent my adolescence hating and have spent my adult-hood relying on for emotional support.

P1060605 NICE

Next, my amazing brother.


And then another sister—the wonderful mother of 8 children!


Next comes my fun brother who also loves to take pictures. 


Last my youngest sister, the artist responsible for my beautiful bathroom mural.


And of course my dad & stepmother.


Tomorrow I’ll post our combined family beach picture, the likes of which you have never seen before!

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  1. I can NOT believe how they have grown! By it makes me feel old. We were all just kids ourselves.