Friday, July 17, 2015

Maybe not lazy…

I always (always) feel like I am pretty lazy. Disorganized and lazy. But after this week I think I should lose that thought. I have been all alone since 4AM monday morning. I could have been eating bon-bons and watching tv and reading. Here is what I have done:

  • Read 2 books
  • Gone visiting teaching
  • Babysat Kate 2 afternoons
  • Fixed dinner for Mahon & CL one night
  • Run 9 errands one evening (seriously--I thought I would die when I had to walk across Lowes which was my last stop)
  • Taken 1/2 of fabric out of the sewing room and sorted it, cleaned off 1/2 of counters 
  • Cleaned out girls closet 
  • folded all folding clothes
  • taken down 3 shelves and put up closet rod instead (hence trip to Lowes)
  • put many many clothes from floor and laundry baskets on hangers 
  • organized clothes in rainbow colors 
  • took apart desk and removed from room 
  • slightly rearranged room 
  • vacuumed as I went 
  • cleaned out under beds 
  • put Jenna's beds on risers 
  • changed sheets on both beds & made them 
  • Put together new shelves for my shower 
  • cleaned entire bathroom including mopping floor & washing rug
  • got angel hats from girl’s camp ready to mail
  • cleaned & swept Harry Potter room
  • cleaned, swept, and mopped laundry room

I need to train my brain to think about myself differently. Because I don't think that is a lazy person. I think I am a person who has a hard time getting started on projects sometimes, and a person who transitions badly. But not lazy!