Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Winterguard 2015

A brief rundown of our colorguard history:
Winter 2013 the girls were in the "minis", a group that went through 6th grade.
Winter 2014 the girls were on the JV team at the high school.
Fall 2014 the girls were still on the JV team that marched with the marching band.

With only that behind them and still being in 8th grade I was kind of surprised when the girls ended up on the varsity colorguard team this winter.  There is another girl from the middle school on the varsity team as well, but their good friends didn't make varsity, which has given us lots of opportunity to talk about being gracious, understanding hurt feelings, etc.

I think the first time I saw them perform on the varsity team I was a little shocked.  I knew that the coach had been working them hard, but I was still unprepared to see my little girls looking so poised and elegant.  It's tough to take pictures of them while they're performing because they're A)far away, B)in motion, and C)the camera has to be manually focused, but I loved a few that I took this week.

First Jenna:

I know this one is blurry but I thought her line was so amazing!
 Then Rachel:

Rachel is in the middle.

And if you're thinking that both girls seem to have become more flexible, why yes they have.  Here is the pose at the end of the show, Rachel is on the far end and Jenna on the close end.  It makes me hurt a little to look...  ;)

I'm so proud of them for working so hard and learning so much!

Oops--I forgot I had these too.