Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Of course the whole point of our trip was to take Josh to BYUI.  His decision to go this semester was relatively recent and I was excited to take the triplets with us so that they could see & experience a little bit of Rexburg.  (Although they didn’t want to go, and were only completely willing when I won tickets for them to go and see a taping of Studio C.)


Our first day in Rexburg we all had a great time shopping for the things Josh needed at DI.  Then we went over to Walmart to find the rest of what he needed.  After that we checked him in at his apartment.  (Here he is holding the blanket my dad made & that I took a whole year to sew the stars onto.  I finished them while we were driving…nothing like leaving it till the last minute!)


The next day we went back to Walmart for food and it was a ZOO.  I asked one of the workers and they said that in Rexburg, they do as much business on the Friday before school starts in the fall as they do on Black Friday.  Like I said, it was a madhouse and I was glad all we needed was food.


We took the groceries back to his apartment.  At that point he was pretty much ready to go on with his business and he said goodbye to us. 


I think that I was much sadder than he was…but at the same time I was excited for him to start this next part of his life!

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