Thursday, June 12, 2014

To be known

“I could not stop thinking about you and how much you will love some of these shots as much as I do! You may want to sit down for this,” her email read.

Curious as to what shots I was going to love, I clicked the link.  This is what I saw.


And this.


They really did take my breath away.  I read the article and watched the accompanying video with total jealousy that someone got to take those pictures.  And I felt gratitude that my friend knew me well enough to know that I love lava and I love the ocean and that I would love these pictures.

We lived in Durham for so long that I had a lot of friends that knew me well.  Living in Oregon for the last two years has been interesting—to feel like no one around me really truly knows me, knows what makes me tick, knows my little quirks and oddities.  No one here in Oregon knows that I need a nap every day, and that I probably need a piece of cheese, and that I like to think about everything.  I know that will come with time, but in the meantime I’m so grateful to have friends who really know me, because being known like that is love.


  1. Funny - because, I kid you not, right after I sent that email I thought 'i love that I know this about her.' And what I meant was that it feels so good to actually know the details of other people's lives... I'm not very good at that generally, and it takes me a long time to get there. I have missed it a lot living around people that I'm sure have their own details that I just haven't picked up on yet.

    But, really, how lucky we are in this time to be able to interact and love each other all the way across the country. :)

  2. This is something I've been thinking about a lot lately - the kind of friendship that only grows over time. I hear you!!!