Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Overheard at the dinner table

Last night the family started eating while I was at the front door talking to a friend.  When I got back to the table this is the conversation I heard:

Russ: None of the kids are going to let me live with them when I am old.
Rachel: Well I’m going to have lots of pets and he’s allergic.
Jenna: I’m not changing any diapers, that’s all I’m saying.
Jared: I’m going to be an astronaut so I’ll be in space all of the time.
Josh: At my house we are eating only chocolate ice cream and butterscotch candies.
               [Russ doesn’t like chocolate ice cream and was traumatized by almost swallowing a butterscotch candy when he was a kid so he won’t eat them now.]
Josh: Mom, what foods don’t you like?
Me: Well…I don’t like pickles and mustard.
Jared: She doesn’t like seafood!
Josh: At my house we’re eating fish stuffed with pickles every day.  DIPPED IN MUSTARD!

And there you have it.  Another family dinner where love flows (like mustard) around the dinner table!

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