Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My ducklings

They were waiting in a group when I got off the airplane, and when I turned to walk to our next gate they followed behind me in a line like ducklings behind their mother.

This is not a situation I am unused to--I feel like I spent years of my life with my kids trailing behind me (or alternately pushing them in front of me), frequently looking back to be sure that I hadn't lost anyone.

Yesterday's line was a little different, though.  Unlike the lines of yesteryear, this line was made of grown and almost grown children, children who no longer think I know everything and who are regularly irritated with me.  Children who roll their eyes and chafe at my suggestions,  children who do not want to follow behind me anymore .

But yesterday, a day when we had frustrating flight complications, they all seemed happy enough to follow behind me again, trusting that I would be able to get things worked out.  And as I looked back behind me to ensure that I had everyone (the habits of a lifetime do not die easily) it made me smile to see them behind me again... my ducklings.

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