Thursday, August 20, 2015

Grocery store inspiration?

The week before we went to the beach I was at the grocery store one day.  I walked by the kiwis and the thought popped into my mind, "I should get some kiwis, Jared has a canker sore."  (We find that eating kiwis seems to help our canker sores heal better.)  So I bought a couple.  When I got back to the house Jared started saying how much his canker sores were hurting and I was like "here you go, kiwis."

I didn't think a lot about it until I did a bunch of grocery shopping yesterday.  I passed the kiwis and thought that maybe I should get a few, I even touched them to see if they were ripe.  But then I thought that we had lots of fruit at home so it wasn't a good time to be getting extra fruit.  Well guess who told me last night that they have a canker sore?

I had put granola on my list for yesterday too.  Winco has a bunch of granolas in their bulk section and I love their pumpkin flaxseed granola.  I got to that part of the store and was about to start to measure out my granola when I remembered that the day before Jason had told me that there was still quite a bit of granola in the cabinet.  But I shrugged that off and bought the granola anyway.  Then when I went to the cabinet this morning for a little granola snack I saw that actually the container was empty, so I *did* need that granola and was glad that I'd gone ahead and bought it.

My wonder isn't so much about grocery store inspiration as it is about inspiration in general.  It's something I struggle so much with understanding, and this makes me wonder if one day when we can see back onto this life clearly will we see that there was so much more "information" available to us that we just didn't usually manage to "hear?"  I wonder...

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  1. I totally agree with you on this! I feel like I have bright little thoughts all the time that, if I listen to, end up making something better and, if I don't, I wish I had.
    Also, that was me that ate all the pumpkin flax seed granola in the container... it really was full when I told you...