Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kate the Great: Day 1

I thought I'd make a little blog record of Kate's time with us, so here goes day 1.  

On Day 1 Russ left with Cindy Lynn & Mahon for the airport at 4:45.  Kate woke up crying for mama and dada at 5.  I rocked her for a few minutes and then laid down in bed with her but she never did go back to sleep and therefore neither did I.  Finally at 6:15 when she started crying again we got up and watched whale videos on Youtube while I told her that this was what her mom and dad were going to see.

Kate read scriptures with us at 7am,

hung out,



and learned to play the drum.

She read an old favorite--Brer Rabbit and the Tar Patch

She insisted that her diaper be changed on the rug by the front door.


She shared Jenna's flourless chocolate cake and thought it was pretty good.

In short, she completely charmed us with her cuteness.


She read books before bed with Russ (Papito),

and then had a little tickle time.

And that was the end of Day 1.  Thank goodness we survived!

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