Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Funny Boy

One of my favorite things about Josh is his sense of humor.  We are all people who are appreciative of humor, but Josh has the gift of a quick wit most of us lack. Case in point:

The keyboard on my computer is definitely aging.  From time to time one or another of it’s keys inexplicably stops working and I am left to blow and pound and hope that it will somehow start working again. 

Most of my keys have started working again in this way, but my backspace key just would not.  Finally I asked Josh, who is quite good with computers, if he could take a look at it.

He slipped the key off of the keyboard then carefully brushed around it, checking that at each contact point the key was working like it ought to.  They he tried to put it back on—but no matter what he did, the key wouldn’t hook back into the keyboard.


I was working in the kitchen while he was trying to get the key back on.  Finally he came into the kitchen.

“Mom, you know how the keyboards of the future are just going to be plastic pads with little bumps for the letters?” he asked.

“Really?” I answered.

“Guess what.  You’re there already.”


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