Saturday, February 6, 2016

Maui Day 2

  • breakfast at the condo
  • drive to Dumps--what on earth is up with these coconuts on the fenceposts?  (no one seems to know.)

  • Snorkel, snorkel, snorkel
Looks like this one is related to the Humu-Humu

Black Durgon Triggerfish mob

Pennant Butterflyfish


Probably a coronetfish.

  • snorkel selfie
  • no turtle till the end
  • meet the welcoming committee
  • new favorite snorkel adventure: carry water shoes in mesh bag, snorkel from Dumps to Ahihi Cove and get out there.  Walk path back to Dumps.  
  • get more groceries, buy awesome bag

  • Costco's open air food court
  • Go by the airport beach park again, darn all of the windsurfers are putting their gear away.  Learn that while Maui does not have a wild dog problem, it does have a feral cat problem.  Spot at least 50 cats in 10 minutes!
  • Miss the sunset--oops, had the time wrong!


  1. We are in Maui right now so I came back to read what you guys did. We are staying in Kihei. Where did you stay?

    1. Jamie we love Kihei!! And snorkeling as much as possible! But we like the shave ice from Ululani's up in north Kihei, not in South Kihei where we stayed most of the time. Have a great time !!

    2. We'll have to check that one out. Our favorite Hawaiian treat is ice cream from Lappertt's. We've already been twice!