Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Rainbow Day

I was walking Saturday night with my friend, waking, talking, occasionally looking at the night sky.  I glanced up and noticed that the moon looked a little odd, and as I looked more I realized what I was seeing--I don't know how, but the moon was making bits of rainbows on the pieces of clouds around it.  I pointed it out to my friend and we stopped and looked, watched the clouds moving around the moon until there was almost a full circle rainbow around the moon.  We were both awestruck at the beauty of the moment. 

After a few moments she said, "I feel like there is a message in this." And I thought, "rainbows... messages... RAINBOWS!" Until that moment I'd forgotten that it had truly been a rainbow filled day for me.  I'd snapped this picture from the plane while waiting earlier in the day to leave San Jose--a rainbow fragment in the clouds above the airport.

And while Katie and I had been driving from Santa Cruz to the airport in San Jose we had seen so many rainbows.  It seemed like every time we went around a new corner we saw another rainbow in the distance.  Twice, though, we saw a part of a rainbow that seemed to be directly in front of her car.  As we would speed toward it, it would disappear like a mirage.  It was amazing.

I stood there in the street last Saturday night looking at the rainbow around the moon and thinking that the rainbow is God's promise to us.  The thought that came into my heart was that this day of rainbows was a reminder for me that God keeps his promises--something that is a very good reminder for me right now.

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