Friday, October 30, 2015

Dahlia lessons: You might be surprised

Last lesson (so far) from the dahlias.  I've realize this year that I just really don't know what I'm going to like and how much I'm going to like it until I actually see it.  Some of the dahlias I thought I would love have been only so-so.  And this one that I bought on clearance on a whim--well it has rocked my dahlia lovin' world.

So maybe I'd better stop thinking I know how things are going to work out...'cause I just might be surprised.


  1. I love your dahlia photos. I planted some this year for the first time and am wondering why I'm so late to this party. So many beautiful varieties.

    1. I know seriously! I had never seen one growing until I moved here, and my mental image was just of the round-ish kinds which aren't my favorite. This year I'm loving the spiky ones. In NC can they stay in the ground all winter?