Monday, January 20, 2014

Better (really) (very) (super) late than never. (right??)

When I told someone (a non-church going person) that I wasn’t going to finish the girls’ Christmas dresses before Christmas, she looked surprised.  “What was the point of having them after Christmas?” she asked.  I explained that they would still be able to wear them to church, and that I just wasn’t going to kill myself to get them done in time.  Even though it made me sad.

Then Cindy Lynn, Mahon, & Kate were here for 10 fabulous days and as much as I love sewing, I wanted to play with Kate more.  When they left I started working hard on the dresses, and finally got them done yesterday. 

There’s nothing like a time intensive project to show me how busy my life usually is.  And these dresses were time intensive.  Rachel’s especially, since the pattern was for a strapless dress and I had to find another pattern and merge it with the existing pattern to produce a modest bodice.  I think it turned out pretty well, and she is delighted.  Here are pictures of them from yesterday. 

DSC_2602DSC_2609 color croppedDSC_2603 croppedDSC_2607DSC_2600 cropped

I am off to Utah for the week to help with Kate while Cindy Lynn is in the hospital.  I helped out this summer with 3 month old Kate and it was lots of fun.  I have a feeling Kate will be even more fun, but not nearly as easy…wish us luck! 


  1. They are gorgeous...and just in time for Valentine's Day!

  2. Lovely dresses. Did your mom teach you to sew? My mom was a great seamstress, but I wasn't interested in learning when I was younger. I wish now I had taken the opportunity to learn from her when I had the chance. I still haven't given up on it completely, but it's really not my thing.

  3. Melissa, I think my mom taught me a little but I learned more in a 7th grade home ec class. What my mom really was fantastic at was letting me do the things I wanted to do--I made Andra a skirt & blouse that 7th grade year. It was probably so lame but my mom bought the stuff and let me do it! Then I took a class at BYU too which I felt really improved my skills. It's always been something I've loved--but it really isn't for everyone, especially since fabric is relatively expensive now compared to clothes!